Vigne nuove
Typical geographical indication (IGT)
  • VINE • Turbiana (Trebbiano di Lugana), Chardonnay, Incrocio Manzoni
    PRODUCTION AREA  • San Benedetto di Lugana and neighbouring areas. The grapes come from our own vineyards. The harvest and selection of the grapes are done strictly by hand, in small 17 kg. cases.
    PLANTING LAYOUT AND YIELD • Double bow Guyot, yield around 9,000 kg. of grapes per hectare, equivalent to 5,700 litres of wine or 63%.
    HARVEST PERIOD For early grapes: End of August   •    For Trebbiano di Lugana grapes: Late September.
    FINING AND FERMENTATION • Delicate, soft pressing of the whole bunch for most of the production, the rest with gentle destemming by oscillation. Thereafter, a strict protocol of vinification: racking by natural sedimentation, slow, temperature-controlled fermentation (14°/18°); fining for 5 months on the fine least and yeast.
    COLOUR • Intense straw-yellow with greenish tinges.
    NOSE • Captivating with hints of fruits, white peach, passion fruit, fine and elegant.
    PALATE • The taste strictly meets the expectations raised by the aromas. Enthralling, extremely fruity but also with minerality and a sweet finale.
    FOOD • Enhances all marine and freshwater fish dishes. It goes well with white meats and cheeses in general.